... are what I am calling VR without needing to use a stereoscopic headset.

VR is interesting right now, especially because of the many questions it raises about storytelling & information design. I am trying to raise similar issues here; This is part of what I teach at NYU.

nBecause of the content of these sections users need to be able to inspect the scene, using their phone as window into the world, as they lestin to Ellie, .
I also keep most of the content within 180º to make it more comfortable..

Using the accelerometer of the phone / tablet in this way allows the user to still navigate through the world like a tracking camera shot : hence the term CINEMATICS.
This type of movement is still an issue in VR, often making people feel dizzy or sick; not so here.
(Though the full VR experience is still an option, and comes with a slow camera movement)
Users also need not read, they hear Ellie narration of the events by default as they navigate through a somewhat realistic, somewhat abstract world.